Failure is a Step to Success

You are looking to start a venture, a business, a blog, or you have an idea that you want to share with others so that you may improve their lives. You started implementing your idea, but then, something happened, the results were not as expected. Your audience did not respond the way you thought they would, the money did not flow, and your idea failed. Do you give up? Do you look yourself in the mirror and say, “I’m a failure. I will never amount to anything.” Through hell or high water, you should never say those words. You should never give up!

They Didn’t Give Up

Do you imagine that Albert Einstein succeeded the first time he attempted to implement his “Theory of Relativity?” Do you think the Wright Brothers succeeded the first time they attempted to fly? Or do you suppose modern day greats like Tyler Perry succeeded the first time he came up with an idea for a play and proceeded to implement it? The answer to all these questions as you most likely know is, no. They all failed the first, second, and even third attempts; however, the difference between you and them is this. They grew balls the size of Texas and went harder.

Woman, man, or child reading this article, you will come up with great ideas; however, if you never implement them, you have already failed. If you keep trying, guess what? You are putting the odds in your favor to being closer to that big break of success. So keep in mind this one thing, your failing at your great idea is getting you one step closer to your success story. If you shall succeed the first time, I applaud you! However, I will say what you have heard a million times, “Never give up!” Look for the next blog post on how to succeed after failure.

Here is a great success story about the founder of Moore Financial Services. Click here to read the article.


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