Do Unto Others – Does This Apply in Business

The Golden Rule invented by non other than Jesus Christ but applied before and after him has brought up questions on whether it should be applied in business. Oftentimes the culture of a company is seen from the top CEO level to the bottom employee level.

We all want to be treated with respect and dignity. When kindness is shown to clients and inside of the organization, it yields fruit of productivity and reciprocated kindness. When harsh treatment is dished out, resentment a frustration blossom, and self-esteem can die.

What we give to others will come back to us in some form or fashion no matter if it’s business or personal. If you run a dishonest business, you will attract dishonest clients for example.

Think about how you prefer to be treated and try this concept in your business and see how it thrives. Feel free to comment below with your thoughts.

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