What Movement?

Established by Moore Financial Services, this movement involves building 1000 small business’ credit by the end of 2023

90% of small business owners are unaware of business credit, its importance, or how to go about building it.

A business owner should not wait until the need arises to build credit. Credit should be built soon after the business is formed. This credit is not attached to the social security numbers of the owners but is attached to the company in and is built through the major business credit bureaus: D & B, Equifax, and Experian commercial.

Is Your Business Built On A Solid Foundation?

Think about it this way… Personal credit and business credit are different. One is attached to a person and the other is attached to an entity. They are built similar though. With personal credit, a responsible person who knows that one day they will want to make a major purchase that will require a loan knows that their credit has to be established first. So at a young age, they start applying for things such as store credit, credit cards, revolving accounts, charge cards, small loans, and so on. The day comes when they go into the realtor’s office to buy that home or that car dealership to buy that nice expensive car, they get their credit pulled, and they are able to get a good interest rate and the loan they need to make that purchase on their personal credit.

Have You Started To Build Your Business’ Credit?

Business credit is similar. However, it’s built much faster. If you know one day you will want your business to grow to that other level, it will most likely require that your company apply for some sort of funding or growth capital. You may want to hire employees and need money to cover payroll. You may want to buy a large piece of equipment or a vehicle for your company to expand. You will want to have the business’ credit built and established long before this decision to have to do this comes. Hopefully, you understand the importance of why this movement is so important. Small businesses are failing due to a lack of knowledge of the owners, money, and leverage. Joining this movement will increase your business’ chance of success by 80%.

Due to the economic effects of COVID19 we are waiving the $250 administrative fee for new members until further notice.

What you get

You receive discounts on all your business services of up to 20% off. One of the best things you get to receive is the consulting or coaching which is included in your membership. Members receive specialized coaching each month. This is invaluable since consulting can cost well over $500 an hour. Also, Platinum level members receive a customized logo which is included in select membership plans. Each membership level comes with discounted services, and business owners can trust that they will be part of a growing network of business owners who value the credibility of their companies. You will receive a credible company and business credit that will take you to places unimaginable if you stick with the program. We look forward to helping your company build its credit.

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If your goal is to grow your business and build its credit, you're in the right place.

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